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December 7th 2021

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How do I find out about local planning...............

Wymondham and Edmondthorpe Parish Council as a statutory consultee will receive all planning applications received by Melton Borough Council.All applications received by the Parish Council are posted as items under the Planning section of the next available Parish Council agenda (or as an item to an Extraordinary Meeting if because of timing, the Council considered it to be necessary to hold such a meeting).

The Parish Council might make comments in response, but all such comments must be those permitted by the planning process.Parish Councillors will always receive comments from parishioners about any application and similarly any parishioners can contact the Clerk to forward their comments.

Alternatively, any parishioners can attend a Council meeting and make comments in the Public Time allotted to the agenda.

All planning applications can be found online at http://www.melton.gov.uk/planning_and_building_control/ by entering the planning application reference number such as 20.00067.FUL

For further help please contact the Clerk

Download a copy of the Wymondhamand Edmondthorpe Neighbourhood Plan...here

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Parish Council Meeting. Monday 6th December 2021